Ice Queen Bags

LOS ANGELES, CAL. – After losing five department-store lipsticks to ten minutes of heat in her car, Vikky Hume had had enough. She began researching materials to create a heat-resistant cosmetic bag, one that would protect an owner’s makeup, even on the hottest summer day in Southern California. Since her initial prototype, Ice Queen cosmetic bags have been selling at a brisk pace, primarily through the word-of-mouth of her friends. “Everyone always says, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve had melted makeup, why didn’t I think of that,’” laughs Vikky. “The bottom line is that a girl has to have a cosmetic bag; why not make it one doesn’t ‘melt your face,’ and protects the investment in your makeup?” The shimmering, silver exteriors of the Ice Queen bags hint at the job they perform. However, the bags have thoughtful details, like vibrantly colored interior linings, zippers and tassels, that keep them from being strictly utilitarian. With names like “Audrey Orange” and “Marilyn Pink,” Ice Queen cosmetic bags are an accessory on their own, and come in two sizes: the Original measures eight and one-half-inches by six and one-half inches, and the Mini measures five and-one-half inches by four inches. “I moved to Palm Desert, California, and didn’t understand the heat,” says Vikky, referring to the episode that inspired her to create a heat-resistant cosmetic bag. “I had my makeup in the car for maybe ten minutes, and had to throw the entire bag–and its contents–away.” A veteran of the beauty industry, Vikky has worked with many well-known industry leaders, including Frederic Fekkai, Peter Coppola and Bobbi Brown. “Once I started researching it, I just couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything available on the market like it,” says Vikky. “I’m so flattered that women have embraced the Ice Queen cosmetic bags, and are buying them for their friends.”