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WARA PMP is a specialist BIM consultancy that work with a wide variety of clients across the construction industry, using technology to improve the process of designing, building and operating buildings. We are an independent member of the construction team, working with Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes to realize efficiencies, increase coordination and minimize risk and waste for our clients.


We use technology to create a single data set, and then leverage that information to bring benefits to all parties along the way. Through our innovation, and impartial nature, we are able to bring to bear the expertise of a diverse team with a wide skill set. This enhances the value of the design as a whole, and all parties benefit from the reduction in waste, risk, time, errors and coordination issues
WARA believes that using the right technologies is essential in delivering successful service. As such, we at WARA have identified and acquired the ‘Best in Class’ construction software to guarantee that clients will receive the most appropriate solution.Read More ……

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